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Being the exclusive Heritage Vinyl Products® dealer in our area, we specialize in maintenace-free vinyl fencing. Heritage Vinyl Products® offer a wide variety of products, including fences, decking, railing, benches, and garden accessories.

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Unlike wood, all Heritage Vinyl Products® are designed to be virtually maintenance-free. That means you'll never have to paint, re-stain, replace a rotten board, or worry about hungry termites. You can simply sit back and enjoy your Heritage® fence or deck for as long as you own it. There are no warped boards or popped nails. There aren't even any splinters. And the harsh chemicals you needed not only to clean wood but to preserve it - a thing of the past. All that time and energy wasted on maintenance are replaced with just the occasional rinse with a garden hose.

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Heritage Vinyl Products® also offer an exclusive lifetime warranty, in fact the Heritage® Warranty is the best in the industry. It even includes labor costs to repair or replace any defective material. Should you sell your property, the warranty can be transferred in writing to the new owner, adding value to your property.

Please visit the Heritage Vinyl Products® website to find out more about the different styles and choices they have to offer. We can also come by with some brochures for you to look at, if you prefer.

In addition to our vinyl products, we also work with a variety of wood types and chain-link materials. If vinyl wasn't what you were looking for, we can still help you out. We offer free estimates, design services and custom installations. Call us today for more information.